Saturday, 9 May 2009

The Master Shortie Experience

Ok, so last night, I was notified that Master Shortie, who happens to be a friend of mine, was going to be in Reading for a gig. Now, this is my uni town and for once I'm ABOUT. (which is rarely ever the case, but WAHEY! I'm sensing blog-worthy experiences to be had!)
So... *PING!* (BB)...
I get the invite.

Master Shortie has just finished his nationwide tour, supporting Basement Jaxx, playing some of the best venues across the country. He's now touring with The King Blues, playing at universities and other venues around the south of England. Reading was on the list.

Tonight, I was picked up by the man himself, and we drove down to my uni to commence with gig activities. (The guy was actually on time, for once - I was banking on the 'late' time to get ready; I had to finish my make up in the backstage bathrooms, trust me *panics and empties make-up bag into clutch bag*).

Arm of MS (he was 45 mins late onstage... yuhh....)
MS performed with his guitarist, and his drummer, Sweetsticks. Cool company. The tour manager and engineer had me cracking up, backstage. They make a good team; you can tell they have fun out on the road together.

It was a tough crowd. At first, no one really seemed too impressed by the dude on stage in faded skinnies, mickey mouse tshirt, leather jacket and a cravat. But I have to give credit where it's due. MS has an amazing stage presence, his energy is contagious, and being an all-round good performer, he won the crowd over. High five to you, dude.

Watch out for his singles, Rope Chain, Dead End and Dance Like a White Boy, and later this year, his debut album ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).
We were meant to join my friend's birthday party out in Reading town, but true to style, always on the go, I had to be dropped off home, abandoned, because he was getting calls to say Asher Roth was waiting to meet him in Movida. He's back in Swindon tomorrow for the Radio1 Big Weekender event, and flying to New York on Sunday morning to re-record the video for Dead End. Oh, the life and times of a star in the making...

[The night also involved: knife wielding; screaming matches (in jest); drink & cheese theft; chatting up of random crowd-members; the (almost) exposure of VERY drunk girl (who was in my halls last year LOL); driving the wrong way up my one-way street; images of pornographic content that I did NOT want to see (mine eyes!!) on phones; pain-killers; spilt drinks (everywhere); ice missiles; broken drumsticks; lost keys; vomitting guitarist (other band); a LOT of laughing; general fun init]
SexClub Heaven gangsign. WHUUUUT! :)
Good luck MS, I hope you go far.

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