Wednesday, 7 July 2010

My holiday...

So... I've graduated from uni, and I've been home for like AGES now. I've been doing LOADS! Job-hunting, taking it (really) easy, being all creative-y and stuff. Been out partying every week. Been keeping my nails looking (nearly really) sick. Haven't ACTUALLY been to the gym but MEH. I've moved all my stuff home from uni, moved all The Blob's stuff home from his uni. Had a graduation ceremony (they read my name out wrong), had a few interviews for jobs (no luck yet though), cleaned the WHOLE of The Blob's house. Made loooads of desserts! Been cooking and eating, cooking and eating.
I'm not really on holiday either. But I feel as though I'm entitled to a few months of blah after a whole year at university. You agree with me, I know you do.

I've kind of neglected my blog (sorry blog), but I'm going to make sure I make more of an effort to give it more attention, because you never know, people might enjoy reading my rubbish.

Nail post coming up. And then probably a food post. Might just alternate between food and nails from now on. And if you LURVE it, then we're probz soul mates init.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Probably the cutest video ever.

If you don't find this utterly adorable, you're most probably heartless.

The age-old tale of playground romance, but perhaps a little closer to my heart because it's in school in Malaysia, and his speech, his manner, his gestures remind me of family and friends (HARRO YOU GUYZ!).

Admit it, the last thirty seconds made you smile.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Mei's Top Tip #1

Ladies and gays, never, I repeat, NEVER, wear your handbag on the shoulder of the arm holding your drink. It's not a safe bet. My advice is to switch the drink or the bag to the other side to prevent further catastrophe.

If you choose to flout danger, and go all one-sided with your beverage and bag, then you will inevitably curse (loudly) when your handbag slides off your elegantly sloped shoulder, causing your scalding tea to splash on your wrist, or your Rubicon to swamp your laptop keyboard.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Toodles babezez.