Monday, 20 April 2009

Summer Term

First day of the summer term -back at uni.


Can't be bothered. I'm going to go and sit in the sun until the hayfever makes mince meat of me. And revise obviously. (Once again, by 'revise', I mean 'read for the first time').

Edit: high five everybody who made 100% effort for the summer outfits. I totally regret wearing tights today. Although, if you have horrible feet, please consider the public before breaking out your sandals, and if you do insist on wearing such articles of footwear, make sure they FIT your feet and your toes aren't hanging over the edge. one word. EWW.

Friday, 17 April 2009

My morning commute

I actually hate, with a PASSION, anyone who makes me move my (wet - it's raining) bag onto my lap WHEN THERE ARE OTHER SEATS AVAILABLE. This guy didn't even ASK, he just sat on the chair nudging my bag with his fat arse until I could put down my coffee to move it. Mr, you are taking the piss. I don't care if you've got a hearing aid and you breathe like a heffalump, there were seats closer to the freakin door and I don't WANT to get my trousers wet or put my bag on the dirty floor.
Come on... It's not hard to understand. Just don't sit next to me.

Edit: and I wanted to eat my cinimon swirl but I CAN'T because my lap is piled with damp coat and bag and I'm trying not to spill my coffee, and Mr Hearing Aid is breathing tar and nicotine spores all over me. Not risking it.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Panda watch

Spotted: twitter update @ichcheezburger


Just washed my car for the first time since I've had it (nearly 3 years).
(Other people have washed it, like my mum and my bro, and the mechanics when it has it's MOT, but I'm too lazy).

Reason for previously unprecendented action?
So I don't have to revise (read for the first time) Villette by Charlotte Bronte.
(400 something pages of nothing exciting...)

It was all ok until my mum squirted my face with the hose. Then I got huffy. And it wasn't fun anymore.

10 things you'll regret when you're 40


Top 10 things from your 20s you'll regret when you're 40
(those pink words are a LINK - click them!)

Actually, they're quite obvious. But. Meh. It made me smile.

Things mentioned include:
  • piercing plugs
  • tattoos
  • risque internet pics
Seem like the REALLY obvious ones, but there are more. Worth a read. Go read!
I, personally, liked the writing style of the author. Spoke to me, it did. And it made me laugh :)

Credit is due to Max Richardson who alerted me to this webpage on TWITTER.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Yeezy on South Park

I, for one, actually love Yeezy. He is easily recognisable as a huge part of the music industry (commerical and the urr-ban) and through his producing as well as his own records he has somewhat altered the sound of youth today. He is a bighead. But so what? It's entertaining!

Plus his blog is SICK!

Taken from the BBC news entertainment article on Kanye West's comments following his featuring on South Park:
Rapper Kanye West has said that he was "murdered" in an episode of animated US show South Park, but found his negative portrayal "pretty funny".

West, who was shown as out-of-touch and self-centred in Wednesday night's edition, wrote on his blog that he had been "working on my ego".

He added that he was sure the South Park writers were "nice people in real life", and said it was an honour to be captured by the show's animators.

Yeh... SURE!

We all know that, secretly, Kanye West is PISSED he got slated!

He posted his reaction to the episode on his blog - [click here to view]

But, I don't believe him. He's more pissed than he makes himself out to be. Trust me.

Although... it IS nice to see that he realises that:
It probably is time to stop acting like such a twat, but we know that some twats are successful (e.g. Simon Cowell, Gordon Ramsey, Alan Sugar [SAS -lol]) because of their intelligence.

It seems to be all relative when you're famous.

Bah! Well, Yeezy, I still love you :)

Monday, 6 April 2009


In light of the second installment of the EPIC Transformers, out this summer (YAY!), I managed to finally get my brother to witness the brilliance of the first film last night. So, last night, me, Pher (my bro) and my boyfriend sat down to watch la masterpiece.

I never actually got to see this film in the cinema (I KNOW, SHUT UP) because of work committments and friends that can't keep promises (lol), then when I got the dvd I wanted to wait until I could watch it on a big enough screen to do it justice. Well worth the wait. I KNEW i would love it, definitely my type of film. I've watched it about six times in the last three months alone.

A fact which baffles my brother.

Pher: "Why do you LIKE this film?"
Pher: "It's a BOYS' film!"
Moi: "NO IT'S NOT!"
Pher & my boyf: (simultaneously) "Uhhhh... Yah, it SO is."

Now, I sincerely doubt that the Hollywood peeps behind this film made this film SOLELY for men and boys. It's not logical in a money-hungry industry. It's not a "boys' film". It's not. It's not. It's not.

But just to double-check...
Things I like: (in no particular order)
  • soundtrack
  • cast (Shia LeBouf was a GENIUS choice, as was the Defense Secretary guy and pretty much EVERY character)
  • hot woman
  • other hot woman (who is slyly hotter than Megan Fox - yeh I said it!)
  • sound effects (deserves it's own bullet point)
  • the actual transformations that the autobots make (hence, why I also said sound effects)
  • SFX in general
  • the colours (particularly Bumblebee and Optimus Prime - they look so COOL)
  • the storyline
  • how the autobots choose the first (hot) piece of automobile to imitate
  • bumblebee (he's such a HERO! - I wish my car could transform and be my bodyguard)
  • Optimus Prime's voice (played by Peter Cullen from the original series - his voice alone makes this film epic!!)
  • Bernie Mac
  • HUUUGE fight scenes
  • the comedy (it's a well-written script)
  • location
  • etc, etc.
You get my drift.
Are these boyish things? or unisexual things?

It's not a "boys' film". It's not. It's not. It's not.
I am a GIRL and I like it.
So there.

Can't WAIT till the new release!!
(See, told you I'm a girl)

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Jourdan Dunn

I am in LOVE

She's the best new(ish) Brit(ish) model, who rocks some serious socks, and puts the likes of Daisy Lowe & Co. to shame.

I literally cannot fault her. Perfect face, looks hot on runway AND editorial/campaign shots. I am in LOVE.

I am going to apply to have her babies. I will post again on the matter if she agrees.

Can I just say...

... I was doing the 'tomboy look' WAY before it came back into fashion.

I wore mens' clothes - jeans, trousers, tees, shirts, trainers, jackets, cardis, accessories - WAY before it got popular again...

[Flicking through fashion magazines atm, they're ALL saying how to get the boyfriend/tomboy/adrogenous look... dude, I already KNOW!]

meh of LIFE.
This means I wasn't cool when I did it, I was just random and WEIRD.
Well, whatever suckers, at least I had some originality and rebel-ness.


Look where a temper gets you...

Tinie Tempah ft M.I.A

Plus, he looks like he's having a BALL in NY! I hope this gives him a big break. Move over Tinchy Stryder, S.E.London's turn now :)

Tinie Tempah's blog

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Beyonce - the centre of the universe

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that Beyonce is getting more and more vain in her videos? I realise that she doesn't direct or think of all the concepts for her videos, but the 'Halo' video is boring, and literally makes me think I don't want to look at her face anymore. The 'dance' scenes were crap as well (she can't touch Mya or Jennifer Lopez when it comes to the technicalities and perfection of dancing).

[Good call getting a bearded Michael Ealy to co-star though :)]

These days I'm starting to prefer Keri Hilson, which is saying a LOT because I don't 100% like her (there's something about "Miss Keri Baby" I can't quite put my finger on - she looks a bit sly, like she'd steal your boyfriend ha haa!).

I thought Kid Cudi was british...

... and this is why...

a) the whole sound. sounds a little bit bassline-y

b) the woman at the beginning and end of his video is British, with a lovely Londres accent. (yes, I realise that Kid Cudi speaks with an american accent, but I didn't ever properly watch the video until today and overlooked this [essential] fact...)

I can't be the only one who thought he was British...

Thursday, 2 April 2009

The Wire - series 1 & 2

Which is the better theme tune?

I SO prefer the first one...

When I first started watching the second series, I have to admit, the song disappointed me...
It's nice hearing the series one song again on BBC2... :)

Mummy Mei

This is me and my mum.

Actually, no, it's not. Sorry. It's my mum's feet and then my feet. In our vans. Because we are COOL. A fact you cannot possibly deny.

[Pleash excuse the pants quality of pictures. I've lost my camera, so I'm relying on my camera phone which is not so lush.]

Me and my bro went halves on a pair of vans for Mothers' Day so she had the standard black&white vans that are necessary to one's wardrobe.
She hasn't worn them yet because she doesn't think she's cool enough (AAAWWWW), but I thought I'd take a pic when she put them on tonight.

She's size 3.5. HOW CUTE!!

Trust me though, my mum's probably the best in the world. She even buys cake, and a lot of it, for the house as one of the 'necessary items', like milk and bread and stuff. And I'm the only person in the house that eats it.
This is the cake she bought me for winning Miss Top Model UK (birthday cake is my favourite - and she bought a coffee & walnut cake too XD ).

Admittedly, she didn't put the candles on it, that bit I did myself. But, yeh, my mum's wicked init.

AND she cooked butterfly prawns and prawn crackers for side dishes for dinner :) - but I didn't get a pic because obviously I had to eat them so fast because they're nicest when they're really hot... Obviously.
Chinese mums are just The Best.


Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Je ne parle pas bien fran├žais!!

Bonsoir, mon people.

There's something that's been playing quite heavily on my mind for several days now...
(Yes, I should have been revising and ignoring this issue, but that is NOT the point).

I have recently been signed to a modelling agency in Paris and have discovered that they plan to have me live in PAREE for une month later this year, in September, while I work, going to castings and stuff.

Now, you can imagine my excitement. When I learnt of this news I had to physically withold myself from hugging the man and woman who told me (both big people in their respective modelling agencies, so not the ideal people to launch myself upon). I am going to be like Carrie Bradshaw in series 6 of Sex and the City, where she moves out to Paree for a bit. IMAGINE!!
Oh the glee! The beautiful city, the french accents, the frenchness, the romance, the cakes and pastries! EVERYTHING!

And then it dawned on me... and brought a horrible sicky feeling with it...

I do not speak French. And I am PANTS at learning languages (trust me, I gave up French in year 9 because I hated it, and got a D for German in my GCSEs).

I am doomed.

I will be living in France for a month, with people I do not know, being very busy and very very English, while everyone around me is perfectly French. And, because it's for modelling, I don't want to be seen as the quiet model who's not saying anything because she's thick. I'm not thick. I'm just British, and french is hard :(

Oh no.
In preparation, I've been listening to French conversation tapes on my lappy tappy in the background and have been slipping french words in here and there into sentences.
No, I do not have the faintest idea whether I am correct when I do this. It is safe to say I am probably not.
I even used Google Language tools to translate the blog post title.... See what I mean...

Oh dear.
Au Revoir people.

It wasn't my fault

I don't know what's wrong with me....
I went to the mall to return a pair of shoes I had bought for the sole use of catwalk at Miss Top Model UK 2009 Finals. Only used them for one walk. Wanted the money back, plus they were hideous, the designer INSISTED on silver shoes though.

Successfully returned forementioned shoes...
Proceeded to buy another pair of shoes...
And a clutch bag.

Smuggled the bags into my room, rushing past my mum. I know she'll say something about being sensible about my money.

It wasn't my fault though. My friend didn't STOP me buying anything - even though I told him to prevent me removing my purse from my handbag.

Therefore, I accept no responsibility for my actions...

The End

I am Miss Top Model UK 2009

Chapter FIVE
Miss Top Model UK finals 2009

Ok, so, arrived at the venue at 1pm (aka 1:30) and sat waiting for everyone to arrive for about an HOUR. Finally got upstairs and into runway rehearsals.
There was SO much waiting around, a lot of us were getting hungry and dehydrated. Finally got back into the dressing room and grabbed some food and water – but too late, the headache had kicked in (meh, I know).
Hair and make up and first look for walk one – check.
The show started well, and on schedule. High five to the organisers because I thought it was going to be about an hour late.
Walk 2 (burlesque) and walk 3 out of the way. There was a LOT of panicking backstage trying to dress quickly, then, because there were different looks, do hair again, then do make up again lol. Imagine how many hair stylists and make up artists there were for 34 girls. Must have been about 20…
Yeh so, by this time my headache’s beginning to throb madly, massive amps, dry ice and bright lights are so not the lick when the pain’s banging it’s own beat.
I should learn to stop digressing…
Anyway! Did the finale walk.
Then they read out all the winners.
I was nominated by the designers of the burlesque wear to win their designer award, so I was given a trophy for that! Wooh!
Then they read out the main prizes. I’ll re-post again on the group with the winners' names and numbers soon.
1st runner up, MISS NICOLE THAM!! Ha ha my BEAUTY!!
Well deserved. Plus, she won another designer’s award and came 2nd in the public text voting. I’m SO glad she was in this competition with me. I have lots and lots of love for her.
And, embarrassing as it feels to tell you this, I picked up another trophy. The BIG one.
I’m really, really grateful. Still in shock. TOTALLY didn’t expect it, because there were some really amazing girls in this competition that really upped the levels.

I am so humbled by your support over the last few months. I have been bowled over by the messages, through wall posts, inbox, twitter, text, calls and online chatting. It really means a lot, thank you very, very much.
My mum, dad and brother were there last night too, and that’s the first time they’ve ever seen me on a catwalk. Thank GOD I won then, or it might not have been worth the £50 ticket lol!
I’ve thanked my parents and bro already, but special thanks need to be made to
The CatwalkLive team, you know you put me here! And especially to Miss Katy Chung, because without your guidance I would have much less of a clue of what looks good and how to really work it. You have given me a lot of confidence. Plus, last night, all I could hear from tables 1 and 2 was SARAH SARAH SARAH! High five peeps.
Geoff Cox, who organised the show and squeezed me into the Miss Top Model UK finals, even though I don’t think he was really meant to.
JCD! JCD! For putting me into CatwalkLive. And not telling me it was a competition. And also for his support and good advice for photoshoots. You are a GENIUS with that canon. I’ve been told that I’m good in front of the camera, mainly because I’ve taken your tips on board. Thanks dude. You’re OSSUM!
All the photographers I’ve worked with or have gt some good impromptu shots of me recently, JCD, David Lau, Colin Chao, Natalie Willis (wow), Khalid Ikram, Gabriel Green.
Kelly Jade Nicholls, the next big thing. From your wonderful designs and putting me on the catwalk, to your wicked personality, you are a much loved addition to my life. Thank you for your support. Trust me people, remember the name Kelly Jade Nicholls.
This is starting to feel like an Oscars speech – sorry – I’ll wrap it up…
Last but by no means the least (obv the most. Init)…
My boyfriend. I don’t think I need to say anything. He knows. More Than Words, every time I see your face in the crowd. And LOL at your mum screaming. I KNEW I could hear her, I just couldn’t see where she was sitting. Oh, and you looked lush last night ;)
Lovage to you all. Seriously, much love. Can’t thank you enough XD

Have brilliant weekends, and easter holidays. Hope work/revision/procrastination doesn’t bore you too much.


TWITTER - missmei
TWITTER - RUfashion - fashion blog
RUfashion blog

Miss Top Model UK 2009 finals tomorrow!!

Chapter FOUR of ‘Sarah’s Escapades’.

Ok, so it’s the Miss Top Model UK finals tomorrow…
(the thing I was put into the finals of after CatwalkLive event in December)

I thought I’d be nervous or excited or SOMETHING but I am currently faffing about doing numerous pointless things and will probably stay up WAY too late watching The Wire and then arrive tomorrow with suitcases under my eyes.

I’ll let you know what happens; if I win, drastically lose or theatrically fall off the runway. I’ll also probably let you know about any dramas that occur; you know what it’s like with anticipation and tension and everything, I tend to find that kind of thing funny – unless it’s me that’s panicking/being overly dramatic.

Anyway, catch up with you post-MTMUKfinals and fill you in.

Thanks for joining the group and remaining a member (even if you forgot it existed – like me – hence a lack of substantial information – SORRY!).
I feel the urge to continue rambling on further, but that’s not really fair on you guys reading this so I’ll stop…


Have a lovely Friday and a totally OSSUM weekend.


This is my profile on the Miss Top Model UK website:

this is the actual website lol:

"To vote for Sarahin our Public Text Vote Award, text MODEL25to 88010

ALL profits from the Public Text Vote will go directly towards the Miss Top Model UK 2009 Breast Cancer fundraising. All text votes cost £1 per vote plus standard network charges."

If you do vote, please let me know so I can thank you personally, because I really do appreciate that level of support. A pound is a LOT for a text :S


Entry into Miss Top Model UK 2009

So. Now for 2009…

As you may be aware, from previous posts on this info bit, after the finals of CatwalkLive 2008, I was entered into the Grand Final of MISS TOP MODEL UK 2009.

The final is in March, on the 27th, to be precise.
And this competition is a big nationwide thing.
And it’s going to be televised.

So… Yeh. This is kind of a big deal.

Thank you for your support for CatwalkLive. I’m hoping I can rely on your support again for Miss Top Model.
**There is a text vote for this thing too. So, if you feel like voting, text: MODEL 25 to 88010.
All proceeds go to Walk the Walk who support vital breast cancer causes.**
(again, don’t text vote from abroad please. I have NO idea what that would do to your phone bill) DON'T VOTE NOW, COMPETITION OVER.

If you don’t want to vote, ‘tis cool, being a member of this group means the most anyway, whether you’re a friend from way back, an acquaintance, or even if we’ve never met. Texts, messages and wall posts from some of you last time really motivated me, and I’m glad I have friends who support me and my moves :D

This is my profile on the Miss Top Model UK website:

this is the actual website lol:

this is the profile of my CatwalkLive buddy, Nicole Tham:
this is her group:
and this is her website:
(no, I do not have a website. I am crap at website-building)

Lovage, as always
Sarah Mei

(I miss my CWL girls. I hope you’ll support Nicole and I, xxS)