Tuesday, 27 October 2009


THIS, ladies and menjamins, is where YOU need to BE on SUNDAY night.
It's actually going to be sick.
And the PTC are going to be out in force, prowling around, like all sexy cougars prowl. Except all of them are under 30 and although roodboyz would be the preference, you need only apply if you are a WELL good MC/rapper, or if you're OVERLY fit.
And alzo I do not write on zi PTC blog ,I feel well and truly blessed to feel as though I am welcome in zi bosom of Jo Fuertes Knight.
BTW, FYI, it's totez free an ting an ting. JUST SO YA KNOW!
And I should have written this post AGES ago. But I forgot, because I am a waste-cadet. SORRY YASMIN!

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