Wednesday, 13 May 2009

My life is over.

Yes, I am aware that this makes me sad.
And yes, I do have revision that I could be getting on with.
And yes, I did also upload this picture onto facebook and tag all my twitter-buddies.
And yes, I am actually twiddling my thumbs and visiting the page once every 3 minutes to see if it's back to normal.

Yes, I am a self-confessed twitter-whore.
And a loser.


The Geek said...

LOL. you need an intervention.

Rachie-Pie said...

I think twiitter is the one thing im not so addicted too..maybe cz i dnt have a black berry or net on my mobby!...well i do,but it cost bare cashmonies to use and notworth it!

A Spaceship Cabin Member said...

Twitter Got Jokes.
This Is One Of The Better Annoying Twitter Screens. lol