Sunday, 11 October 2009

The Fallen of 2009

So many celebrities have died this year.
Michael Jackson
Farrah Fawcett
Patrick Swayze (twice, arguably, thanks to rumours blown way out of proportion on Twitter)
DJ AM...
... to name but a few, and, most recently, Stephen Gately, of Boyzone fame.

Is it because the media have made us more obsessed than ever with the lives of individuals with fame?
Or is it not a coincidence? Is it a huge conspiracy, and someone or some group of powerful people is slowly killing off anyone that the public liked or identified with, because these celebs all knew a massive secret regarding world domination or something?

I dunno. Just a thought...


Cherie Amour said...

Omg ... I didn't know stephen gately died!! That's deep boi... This year was nt a gdun at all... How d heck did he die btw? I swear he's like 30 sumfing??

jpshields said...

Substitute the word "celebrities" with "people" in your first sentence and you've nailed it.

Also, the media "makes us" obsessed with celebs? I'm not denying that there's some mind-fuckery going on but surely that only affects the mentally incompetent? i.e. Sun readers.