Friday, 13 November 2009

So Good

1. I never saw Will as a good-looker, but now... well... yeh... Hiiiii Wiiiiiill ;)

2. Q looks as though he's losing his hairline and embracing The Forehead.

3. Big Mike still has a gorgeous voice, but you can SO tell the director didn't know how to deal with the size of him and thought 'yeh, we'll just sit him down and stick a girl on him and no one will ever even notice he's fat'... and in the close-ups of his face, he looks like a girl.

4. The funniest part - the two doing the ad-libs: one has got RIDICULOUS hair. Even JLS don't have hair THAT bad. Patterns and curls on one head? Sack the barber init. And the one with the braids? HILARITY! His hyping for the camera means the girl looks as though she's clinging on for dear life (around 3:54). However, the harmonies these two do for the ad libs are wicked.

Actually, in general, they are all vocally strong. This is probably one of the better tracks on the album. And I do like Day26... I just can't take anything PDiddy does seriously these days... He's going to mess them up some way or another.

All in all, a rather pleasant experience. Unintentional humour is always a plus.

Have a nice day now :)

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Anonymous said...

Heh I agree about the hair! I thought the part where Big Mike was on the sofa with the girl lying on him was like Genuwine sitting with the girl lying over his knee in In Those Jeans bt he looks more relaxed about it. And also the part where the girl is lying down and the man crawls closer on to her reminds me of Genuwine's video so much as well.