Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Chapter three of ‘Sarah’s Escapades’

Chapter three of ‘Sarah’s Escapades’.

So. Now for 2009…

As you may be aware, from previous posts, after the finals of CatwalkLive 2008, I was entered into the Grand Final of MISS TOP MODEL UK 2009.
The final is in March, on the 27th, to be precise.
And this competition is a big nationwide thing.
And it’s going to be televised.
So… Yeh. This is kind of a big deal.

Thank you for your support for CatwalkLive. I’m hoping I can rely on your support again for Miss Top Model UK.

**There is a text vote for this thing too.
So, if you feel like voting, text: MODEL 25 to 88010.
All proceeds go to Walk the Walk who support vital breast cancer causes.**
(again, don’t text vote from abroad please. I have NO idea what that would do to your phone bill)

If you don’t want to vote, ‘tis cool, being a member of the facebook group means the most anyway, whether you’re a friend from way back, an acquaintance, or even if we’ve never met. Texts, messages and wall posts from some of you last time really motivated me, and I’m glad I have friends who support me and my moves :D

This is the facebook group:

This is my profile on the Miss Top Model UK website:http://www.misstopmodel.co.uk/#/sarahhughes25/4532402419

This is the actual website lol:http://www.misstopmodel.co.uk

This is the profile of my CatwalkLive buddy, Nicole Tham:http://www.misstopmodel.co.uk/#/nicoletham06/4532402408
This is her group:http://www.facebook.com/s.php?ref=search&init=q&q=spirit+tam&sid=04d899ebabb5a5c4680b8c7c2631ff3b#/group.php?gid=42647432156
and this is her website:http://www.nicoletham.co.uk
(no, I do not have a website. I am crap at website-building - BUT i have this blog :D)

Lovage, as always
Sarah Mei

(I miss my CWL girls. I hope you’ll support Nicole and I, xxS)

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