Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Old posts from facebook *CATWALKLIVE DECEMBER 2008*

Ok, so if I’ve spoken to you recently, I’ve probably BORED you with my activities, if not, here is your update to one of my latest projects.
Waaaay back in September, I was entered (kind of unwittingly -thanks JD for not properly explaining) into a competition for oriental women (yes, I’m part oriental - chinese/malaysian/retard/english) for models and fashion and blah blah blah.
I did pretty well in my heat, got a LOT of love, had a lot of fun, met a couple useful contacts, made some good friends.SO.... I’m in the final (yay me!) and there's an opportunity to win stuff. Mainly a contract with an agency. I'm not so worried about winning, because I aim to start grafting properly in 2009 anyway and hopefully catapult myself into making some sort of headway into modelling. INCREDIBLY BORING, I KNOW.

Anyway, main point is that I’m doing this competition for the experience, the networking, and for the hell of it BECAUSE CATWALK IS SOOOO FUN!

However, for the finals, there is also a PEOPLE'S VOTE.I keep posting the link for this vote thing on my facebook status, but I thought I'd try doing some hardcore(ish) campaigning, some propaganda, and get some attention to get votes.Hence the creation of the group on facebook, and hence your invitation to aforementioned group. (Plus I’m bored, and this facebook addiction has got me hard)

Basically, once joining, or reading this ESSAY, if you FEEL like supporting me, could you please:* Text CWL10 to 60777 * (COMPETITION FINISHED NOW - DO NOT VOTE ONCE READING THIS)
I’m warning you now, it costs a pound.But if you love me…

If you don’t want to waste a pound, then no worries dude, but post me a message or hit my inbox, or just join the group to show face, because I would appreciate any support from those I count dear.

To those, I’ve invited, I love you all.
To those, who’ve joined but I might not know, heya, have a good week :)
To those who join, thanks
and to those who have already voted HUGS & HIGH FIVES all round!!

(by the way...F if you don't vote you are officially CRAP xxx
if you're family or supporters from overseas don't waste your money it will prob cost you 20 ringit lol x
and Kai, PLEASE refrain from writing something stupid on the wall x)

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