Tuesday, 20 January 2009

old post from facebook *CATWALKLIVE FINALS DEC 2008*

**thank you to everyone who supported me for this event. MWAH!**

Hey dudes,
So here’s what happened…

Saturday was a surprisingly stressful day. Arrived at the venue at 2.30pm with the other girls to do prep and rehearsals and last minute outfit check… blah blah blah… after HOURS of tension, nerves, excitement and adrenaline (and half a sandwich each practically) we hit the runway at 9.freakin.30pm.
Bit late, oh well.
So, from 3 previous rounds of about 20 girls each, the grand finals had 16 girls competing.
On the night, after 3 outfit changes, they narrowed this down to 8 girls, me being one of them.
Then down to four girls.
Top four were:
Joint second runners up: Cindy & Tessa
First runner up: ME =D
Winner: Nicole Tham.

Nicole’s SIXTEEN =O(and mixed with british too, like moi, actually, so is Tessa. Lol Cindy was the only fully Chinese girl)

BUT... The judges said Nicole & I were really close…
So they gave me the first prize too =D

They entered Nicole into the finals of Miss Top Model UK 2009, and entered me too. So basically, we’re in another grand final. In March.

Caroline Ye Chin Le won the People’s Choice award.

Didn’t end up leaving the venue until, like, 2am, after mingling and smiling and posing more.

By this time I’m practically swaying on my feet (in my SEXY SHOES =D), and la boyf is bored beyond belief and getting high on helium from random balloons. Pleb. Hit Bagel King on the way home and crashed for the night.

SO…. I’d like to thank everyone who joined the group for your support. And thank you, even more, to those who texted in to vote. I can’t thank you enough because I really appreciated the gestures you made. Considering I haven’t seen some of you in years, or if we don’t see each other as much as I’d like to, I’m glad that I have friends who showed their support. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
For David, James and John, special thanks for your hardcore recruiting.
Michelle, Lizzie B, Joanna, Noob, James, Rachel, Vicky, Rosalind, Elliot, Kai and Jon, thanks for your support.
For Gynelle, JAM, and Olu (H-B!) thanks for making me smile on Saturday.
For JCD, the rascal, thanks for getting me into this, and for your encouragement and support.

For my boyfriend, the utmost thanks for your unfailing support (and, at times, spirit-crushing - you DIV), texting my mum updates, and your presence at every event. I’m glad they played your track for my final walk. It meant a lot to me and I hope you weren’t too embarrassed (high five to P for keeping that secret safe). Couldn’t have done it without your face (2 feet above every other face lol) in the crowd.
Thanks to all my competitors from heat 3 and the grand final on Saturday.

Congratulations to everyone, congratulations to the top other 7 and congratulations to Tessa, Cindy and the winner, Nicole. ♥

Thank you, guys ♥

(I credit the Canon-tastic Mr Jon Devo with the most of the images I use from CatwalkLive)

I'm really glad I took the initiative to make my outfit a bit different. A mens' Longtail Tux Jacket, mens' shirt, and a bow tie and cumberbund set... Well, if it didn't impress you, I hope it made you laugh... XD

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