Thursday, 2 April 2009

Mummy Mei

This is me and my mum.

Actually, no, it's not. Sorry. It's my mum's feet and then my feet. In our vans. Because we are COOL. A fact you cannot possibly deny.

[Pleash excuse the pants quality of pictures. I've lost my camera, so I'm relying on my camera phone which is not so lush.]

Me and my bro went halves on a pair of vans for Mothers' Day so she had the standard black&white vans that are necessary to one's wardrobe.
She hasn't worn them yet because she doesn't think she's cool enough (AAAWWWW), but I thought I'd take a pic when she put them on tonight.

She's size 3.5. HOW CUTE!!

Trust me though, my mum's probably the best in the world. She even buys cake, and a lot of it, for the house as one of the 'necessary items', like milk and bread and stuff. And I'm the only person in the house that eats it.
This is the cake she bought me for winning Miss Top Model UK (birthday cake is my favourite - and she bought a coffee & walnut cake too XD ).

Admittedly, she didn't put the candles on it, that bit I did myself. But, yeh, my mum's wicked init.

AND she cooked butterfly prawns and prawn crackers for side dishes for dinner :) - but I didn't get a pic because obviously I had to eat them so fast because they're nicest when they're really hot... Obviously.
Chinese mums are just The Best.


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