Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Je ne parle pas bien français!!

Bonsoir, mon people.

There's something that's been playing quite heavily on my mind for several days now...
(Yes, I should have been revising and ignoring this issue, but that is NOT the point).

I have recently been signed to a modelling agency in Paris and have discovered that they plan to have me live in PAREE for une month later this year, in September, while I work, going to castings and stuff.

Now, you can imagine my excitement. When I learnt of this news I had to physically withold myself from hugging the man and woman who told me (both big people in their respective modelling agencies, so not the ideal people to launch myself upon). I am going to be like Carrie Bradshaw in series 6 of Sex and the City, where she moves out to Paree for a bit. IMAGINE!!
Oh the glee! The beautiful city, the french accents, the frenchness, the romance, the cakes and pastries! EVERYTHING!

And then it dawned on me... and brought a horrible sicky feeling with it...

I do not speak French. And I am PANTS at learning languages (trust me, I gave up French in year 9 because I hated it, and got a D for German in my GCSEs).

I am doomed.

I will be living in France for a month, with people I do not know, being very busy and very very English, while everyone around me is perfectly French. And, because it's for modelling, I don't want to be seen as the quiet model who's not saying anything because she's thick. I'm not thick. I'm just British, and french is hard :(

Oh no.
In preparation, I've been listening to French conversation tapes on my lappy tappy in the background and have been slipping french words in here and there into sentences.
No, I do not have the faintest idea whether I am correct when I do this. It is safe to say I am probably not.
I even used Google Language tools to translate the blog post title.... See what I mean...

Oh dear.
Au Revoir people.

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