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I am Miss Top Model UK 2009

Chapter FIVE
Miss Top Model UK finals 2009

Ok, so, arrived at the venue at 1pm (aka 1:30) and sat waiting for everyone to arrive for about an HOUR. Finally got upstairs and into runway rehearsals.
There was SO much waiting around, a lot of us were getting hungry and dehydrated. Finally got back into the dressing room and grabbed some food and water – but too late, the headache had kicked in (meh, I know).
Hair and make up and first look for walk one – check.
The show started well, and on schedule. High five to the organisers because I thought it was going to be about an hour late.
Walk 2 (burlesque) and walk 3 out of the way. There was a LOT of panicking backstage trying to dress quickly, then, because there were different looks, do hair again, then do make up again lol. Imagine how many hair stylists and make up artists there were for 34 girls. Must have been about 20…
Yeh so, by this time my headache’s beginning to throb madly, massive amps, dry ice and bright lights are so not the lick when the pain’s banging it’s own beat.
I should learn to stop digressing…
Anyway! Did the finale walk.
Then they read out all the winners.
I was nominated by the designers of the burlesque wear to win their designer award, so I was given a trophy for that! Wooh!
Then they read out the main prizes. I’ll re-post again on the group with the winners' names and numbers soon.
1st runner up, MISS NICOLE THAM!! Ha ha my BEAUTY!!
Well deserved. Plus, she won another designer’s award and came 2nd in the public text voting. I’m SO glad she was in this competition with me. I have lots and lots of love for her.
And, embarrassing as it feels to tell you this, I picked up another trophy. The BIG one.
I’m really, really grateful. Still in shock. TOTALLY didn’t expect it, because there were some really amazing girls in this competition that really upped the levels.

I am so humbled by your support over the last few months. I have been bowled over by the messages, through wall posts, inbox, twitter, text, calls and online chatting. It really means a lot, thank you very, very much.
My mum, dad and brother were there last night too, and that’s the first time they’ve ever seen me on a catwalk. Thank GOD I won then, or it might not have been worth the £50 ticket lol!
I’ve thanked my parents and bro already, but special thanks need to be made to
The CatwalkLive team, you know you put me here! And especially to Miss Katy Chung, because without your guidance I would have much less of a clue of what looks good and how to really work it. You have given me a lot of confidence. Plus, last night, all I could hear from tables 1 and 2 was SARAH SARAH SARAH! High five peeps.
Geoff Cox, who organised the show and squeezed me into the Miss Top Model UK finals, even though I don’t think he was really meant to.
JCD! JCD! For putting me into CatwalkLive. And not telling me it was a competition. And also for his support and good advice for photoshoots. You are a GENIUS with that canon. I’ve been told that I’m good in front of the camera, mainly because I’ve taken your tips on board. Thanks dude. You’re OSSUM!
All the photographers I’ve worked with or have gt some good impromptu shots of me recently, JCD, David Lau, Colin Chao, Natalie Willis (wow), Khalid Ikram, Gabriel Green.
Kelly Jade Nicholls, the next big thing. From your wonderful designs and putting me on the catwalk, to your wicked personality, you are a much loved addition to my life. Thank you for your support. Trust me people, remember the name Kelly Jade Nicholls.
This is starting to feel like an Oscars speech – sorry – I’ll wrap it up…
Last but by no means the least (obv the most. Init)…
My boyfriend. I don’t think I need to say anything. He knows. More Than Words, every time I see your face in the crowd. And LOL at your mum screaming. I KNEW I could hear her, I just couldn’t see where she was sitting. Oh, and you looked lush last night ;)
Lovage to you all. Seriously, much love. Can’t thank you enough XD

Have brilliant weekends, and easter holidays. Hope work/revision/procrastination doesn’t bore you too much.


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