Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Entry into Miss Top Model UK 2009

So. Now for 2009…

As you may be aware, from previous posts on this info bit, after the finals of CatwalkLive 2008, I was entered into the Grand Final of MISS TOP MODEL UK 2009.

The final is in March, on the 27th, to be precise.
And this competition is a big nationwide thing.
And it’s going to be televised.

So… Yeh. This is kind of a big deal.

Thank you for your support for CatwalkLive. I’m hoping I can rely on your support again for Miss Top Model.
**There is a text vote for this thing too. So, if you feel like voting, text: MODEL 25 to 88010.
All proceeds go to Walk the Walk who support vital breast cancer causes.**
(again, don’t text vote from abroad please. I have NO idea what that would do to your phone bill) DON'T VOTE NOW, COMPETITION OVER.

If you don’t want to vote, ‘tis cool, being a member of this group means the most anyway, whether you’re a friend from way back, an acquaintance, or even if we’ve never met. Texts, messages and wall posts from some of you last time really motivated me, and I’m glad I have friends who support me and my moves :D

This is my profile on the Miss Top Model UK website:

this is the actual website lol:

this is the profile of my CatwalkLive buddy, Nicole Tham:
this is her group:
and this is her website:
(no, I do not have a website. I am crap at website-building)

Lovage, as always
Sarah Mei

(I miss my CWL girls. I hope you’ll support Nicole and I, xxS)

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