Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Miss Top Model UK 2009 finals tomorrow!!

Chapter FOUR of ‘Sarah’s Escapades’.

Ok, so it’s the Miss Top Model UK finals tomorrow…
(the thing I was put into the finals of after CatwalkLive event in December)

I thought I’d be nervous or excited or SOMETHING but I am currently faffing about doing numerous pointless things and will probably stay up WAY too late watching The Wire and then arrive tomorrow with suitcases under my eyes.

I’ll let you know what happens; if I win, drastically lose or theatrically fall off the runway. I’ll also probably let you know about any dramas that occur; you know what it’s like with anticipation and tension and everything, I tend to find that kind of thing funny – unless it’s me that’s panicking/being overly dramatic.

Anyway, catch up with you post-MTMUKfinals and fill you in.

Thanks for joining the group and remaining a member (even if you forgot it existed – like me – hence a lack of substantial information – SORRY!).
I feel the urge to continue rambling on further, but that’s not really fair on you guys reading this so I’ll stop…


Have a lovely Friday and a totally OSSUM weekend.


This is my profile on the Miss Top Model UK website:

this is the actual website lol:

"To vote for Sarahin our Public Text Vote Award, text MODEL25to 88010

ALL profits from the Public Text Vote will go directly towards the Miss Top Model UK 2009 Breast Cancer fundraising. All text votes cost £1 per vote plus standard network charges."

If you do vote, please let me know so I can thank you personally, because I really do appreciate that level of support. A pound is a LOT for a text :S


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