Saturday, 4 April 2009

Beyonce - the centre of the universe

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that Beyonce is getting more and more vain in her videos? I realise that she doesn't direct or think of all the concepts for her videos, but the 'Halo' video is boring, and literally makes me think I don't want to look at her face anymore. The 'dance' scenes were crap as well (she can't touch Mya or Jennifer Lopez when it comes to the technicalities and perfection of dancing).

[Good call getting a bearded Michael Ealy to co-star though :)]

These days I'm starting to prefer Keri Hilson, which is saying a LOT because I don't 100% like her (there's something about "Miss Keri Baby" I can't quite put my finger on - she looks a bit sly, like she'd steal your boyfriend ha haa!).


Anonymous said...

your right! beyonce seems to be just more about rolling around a sofa or the floor looking sexy or poppin her batty, rather than makin a banging video to match her amazing her voice!!!!

........but i must say with regards to kerry hilson or woteva im not a fan like you said shes got something about her, but i really dont think her music is all that good. but Jazmine Sullivan.... that is a girl with talent!!!

miss mei said...

Jazmine Sullivan needs a post of her own.
I don't really compare her to either Beyonce or Keri Hilson either because she's doing her own thing.

Beyonce, Ciara and Keri Hilson are all similarly marketable. All different. But all slyly the same...

I sincerely hope her career fares better than Missy Elliot's last project, Tweet. Jazmine is the New Shit. And needs to LAST.