Monday, 6 April 2009


In light of the second installment of the EPIC Transformers, out this summer (YAY!), I managed to finally get my brother to witness the brilliance of the first film last night. So, last night, me, Pher (my bro) and my boyfriend sat down to watch la masterpiece.

I never actually got to see this film in the cinema (I KNOW, SHUT UP) because of work committments and friends that can't keep promises (lol), then when I got the dvd I wanted to wait until I could watch it on a big enough screen to do it justice. Well worth the wait. I KNEW i would love it, definitely my type of film. I've watched it about six times in the last three months alone.

A fact which baffles my brother.

Pher: "Why do you LIKE this film?"
Pher: "It's a BOYS' film!"
Moi: "NO IT'S NOT!"
Pher & my boyf: (simultaneously) "Uhhhh... Yah, it SO is."

Now, I sincerely doubt that the Hollywood peeps behind this film made this film SOLELY for men and boys. It's not logical in a money-hungry industry. It's not a "boys' film". It's not. It's not. It's not.

But just to double-check...
Things I like: (in no particular order)
  • soundtrack
  • cast (Shia LeBouf was a GENIUS choice, as was the Defense Secretary guy and pretty much EVERY character)
  • hot woman
  • other hot woman (who is slyly hotter than Megan Fox - yeh I said it!)
  • sound effects (deserves it's own bullet point)
  • the actual transformations that the autobots make (hence, why I also said sound effects)
  • SFX in general
  • the colours (particularly Bumblebee and Optimus Prime - they look so COOL)
  • the storyline
  • how the autobots choose the first (hot) piece of automobile to imitate
  • bumblebee (he's such a HERO! - I wish my car could transform and be my bodyguard)
  • Optimus Prime's voice (played by Peter Cullen from the original series - his voice alone makes this film epic!!)
  • Bernie Mac
  • HUUUGE fight scenes
  • the comedy (it's a well-written script)
  • location
  • etc, etc.
You get my drift.
Are these boyish things? or unisexual things?

It's not a "boys' film". It's not. It's not. It's not.
I am a GIRL and I like it.
So there.

Can't WAIT till the new release!!
(See, told you I'm a girl)


Femi said...

You are correct. It's not a boy's movie per se BUT it is at the same time.

My girlfriend and I LOVE this movie to the extent that the day it came out on DVD... We went to watch it for the last time in the cinema (woke up early in the morning too)!

It's an action flick so it is boyish but it also family oriented so it allows the girls and kids to get involved.

I dunno if that other chick was SLYLY (or otherwise) buffer than Megan Fox - I doubt that very much.

LIKLE P said...

Yer the nu one is gona be sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
and kid cudi is on the soundtrack which is a good look

unisex film

tjayne said...

No way is it a boys film, thats so silly, the visuals/script/comedy/love story amongst other things make it 'unisexual' as well as the fact that the whole 'boys wear blue, girls wear pink' thing doesn't actually exist lol.
Although I do think some films are marketed for one sex and enjoyed by all. Like Sex and the City par example, it was clearly marketed for girls...but I know lots of boys who (secretly) loved that film, even beyond the sex scenes! TJ x

The Geek said...

ok First of all Who is Hotter than Megan Fox in the film ( answer carefully or its war)

i know a lot of girls ( all kinds) that have watched it and loved it.

i think the film transends gender. bumblebee was awesome when he changed the car model.

miss mei said...

The blonde one. She's a bit more natural looking than Megan Fox.

Megan Fox is still hot, no denial there, but I would PERSONALLY go for the blonde wavy haired one with the better make up.

And TJayne, that was my argument exactly, but my bro had a counter-argument for each thing you pointed out there...
but yeh, SATC was LOVED by men! Who ALL deny it!

The Geek said...

nah the blonde one is cute but Megan Fox is Fire.

never seen SATC, never gna see it. i havent met a guy who likes SATC

miss mei said...

yes, but you are the king of the phrase "no homo" so it doesn't surprise me when you say NEVER GOING TO SEE SATC lololol!!

The Geek said...

lol lol yep thats my phrase.

i just dnt see the point in the show or the film a bunch of old women having sex and shopping not exactly my cup of tea

tjayne said...

Lol. I think men often watch things like SATC to get some education on the other sex, same reason why some men read girls magazines.

@The Geek, some of your friends may have seen it, but lie lol. One of my friends used to lie that he hadnt seen it, but I caught him out haha!